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If you want to build immediate traffic to your website, there is one sure fire way to accomplish this, but it’s filled with errors.

The Internet is rife with people trying to capitalize on keywords, but there are still diamonds in the rough. I recently wrote an article about creative keywords with some secrets on how to choose and build inbound anchor text links to these creative keywords.

Another way to quickly build lots traffic to your website is more pragmatic, but creative nonetheless.

What are people around the world using everyday at their office? Yes, computers! And, everyday around the world, there are millions of people saying something like this: “This Go**amn computer is driving me crazy. I keep getting an error that says…”.


There is your exact keyword!

Think about this: What do you do when you receive an error on your computer? If you are like most people, which I am, you copy that error and place it into the Google search box.

With proper OPSEO, you can quickly jump to the top of the SERPs for this error term. Of course, the newer the error, the better your chances.

Let’s take a look at an example.

SEO and Error Messages: A Recent Example

I maintain this website, Richard Cummings, primarily as a tool for myself, my clients, and those in the field. Since most of my clients are direct referrals, I do not spend time with this site trying to generate top search engine positioning.

However, I occasionally will write a post that I know will get immediate placement in the SERPs and bring lots of visitors. I know this because it usually contains an error message.

Here is the latest example of how an error message generated thousands of visitors. Recently, Amazon Web Services changed some of their specifications and everybody using Amazon Web Services had to quickly adjust their pages and programs. If they did not, they received an error message saying, “The Request Must Contain The Parameter Signature“.

Thus, I created a page called The Request Must Contain The Parameter Signature: Amazon Web Services Error and Quick Solution. Take note: The exact error message is in the title of the document, in the document name, and appears frequently in the document in the heading tags and elsewhere.

This page, without building any inbound links, generated thousands of hits and today is ranked #2 for this error message.

SEO and Error Messages: Conclusion

With few exceptions, it takes considerable keyword research to identify keywords that will generate a lot of traffic. We often need to think outside of the box and come up with creative keywords that will attract visitors.

This idea, however, is not so research intensive. Simply find out what errors people are receiving (preferably newer ones), create a well OPSEO’d page with these keywords, and provide a solution that will work for your visitors.

And voila! You now have thousands of new visitors to your site!

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