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If you have done your proper SEO keyword research, you will have selected keywords to use with some frequency in your articles. But did you choose the right keywords? And, importantly, how will you use these selected keywords as anchor text? In this article, we will look at creative keyword choices and how you can use these keywords as anchor text in your links.

SEO Creative Keywords: Think Like a Searcher

In this memorable scene from the movie Caddyshack, Chevy Chase tells Danny, his golf caddy, “be the ball, Danny, be the ball.” When choosing creative keywords, we need to remember, “be the searcher, be the searcher”.

Consider the article that you are writing. How would someone search for this term when they do their Google search?

There are many obvious choices, but there is one big problem with obvious choices. They are so obvious that you will never be able to place for these terms in the search engines. When you get creative with keywords, you need to go beyond the obvious.

Obvious terms are often the short one or two keyword searches that people will do. Since this blog focuses on technology, let’s consider that you are writing articles about Windows XP. Should you use Windows XP as your primary keyword search term? Obviously not! It might take you 30 years and thousands of pages to even get close to the top of the SERPs for the term Windows XP.

Should you give up your passion and disregard this idea of writing about Windows XP entirely? Absolutely not. This is where you need to exercise your creativity. “Be the ball, Danny, be the ball.”

SEO Creative Keywords: The “I’s” Have It

Since you cannot capitalize on the short tail keyword term Windows XP, you need to find good long tail keyword terms related to Windows XP. As I wrote about in the article Wordtracker vs. Google Keyword Tool, Wordtracker is your best choice to find great long tail keywords.

Using the free version of Wordtracker, we can quickly find several long tail keywords that would immediately generate hits to your site. We just need to “be the ball”.

Think about this. When most people search the web, who are they searching for? Are they doing research for you? No! They are doing research for them. Thus, they often incorporate the word “I” in their searches. We can take advantage of this.

Open the free version of Wordtracker and simply type in “Windows XP I”. This will give you the following top two keyword terms (but there are many more):

Searches Keyword
50 how do i reformat windows xp
47 how do i find dns numbers on windows xp

These are just two long tail keywords that will deliver you immediate results. How do I know that these keywords will deliver immediate results? Well, I use the paid version of Wordtracker which tells me what the exact competition is for those terms. And I will tell you…with the use of proper OPSEO, you could immediately jump to the top of the search engines using these terms.

How To Use Creative Keywords in Anchor Text

As I wrote in the article SEO and Golf, SEO is comprised of basically two ideas:

  1. Create a well-written page using a few select keywords and ensure that the page has solid on page SEO (OPSEO) with the use of proper titles and tagging.
  2. Create inbound links to that page using the few select keywords as anchor text.

After you have completed step #1 by writing an article using these creative keywords (with well-employed OPSEO of course), how do you use these long tail keywords in anchor text?

There are many ways to build inbound links to an article. However, some of these methods do not lend themselves to long tail keywords. For example, many people build inbound links by commenting on other’s blog. These comments build inbound links by linking whatever is in the name field to your web page….but you cannot very well put “how do i reformat windows xp” in the name field.

So, how do you build up inbound links for these pages using the long tail keyword as the anchor text? Again, you need to get creative and you will find solutions.

First, remember, you control all links on your site and these links do count for something. When you link to your article, always use this long tail keyword. In fact, since you named your article with the keyword term, simply use an automatic WordPress link plugin and this long tail keyword will be automatically hyperlinked.

Second, when you are linking to your article from the outside in places such as article directories, use phrases like this: Many people ask “how do I reformat Windows XP?” and this article provides the answer. Or, In the article entitled how do i find dns numbers on windows xp, I will teach you how to locate the DNS entries on Windows XP.

SEO Creative Keywords: Conclusion

The market for gaining an audience based on common keywords is super-saturated. You will not build traffic by focusing on common, popular keywords. The competition is too tough and has been there for too long.

However, within these topics, there are great long tail keywords which allow you to build traffic. In this article, we looked at the many long tail keywords available for Windows XP.

Using Wordtracker, you can find many great long tail keywords for all topics.

You simply have to get creative with your keywords and efficiently implement your keyword anchor text links.

“Be the ball, Danny, be the ball!”

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