Google PageRank Disappeared

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If you use a PageRank tool to check the Google PageRank of your pages and the PageRank of other pages, you may be anxiously typing into Google right now, “Google PageRank Disappeared“.

Did Your Google PageRank Actually Drop to 0?

To those who are fretting that they suddenly lost all PageRank and Google authority, you need not worry just yet. Apparently, Google updated the URL which all of these add-on tools used to query PageRank and most of these tools have not been updated yet.

There were many people who were actually excited, not anxious, when they saw that all Google PageRanks disappear. In the article Update: Google PageRank is NOT Dead, the author points out the following:

On Twitter, the majority of people in the industry rejoiced the seeming end of Google’s Toolbar PageRank display. Since its first appearance several years ago it has been used, arguably more than it should have been, as a way of determining the quality of a website.

How To View Your PageRank Now

On my end, I use the Firefox SearchStatus Add-On (UPDATE:  as of 10/14/2011, the SearchStatus page rank component is now working with the latest version) for a quick check of PageRank and various other information. The first thing that I did today was update to the latest version of this tool and, as yet, it has not been remedied.

I will wait until this or another tool gets updated because the information is not absolutely critical. However, if you need to know immediately what your PageRank is, this article purports to tell you a solution. However, you have to use Internet Explorer for it so I am not going to bother right now.

Google PageRank Disappeared: News From Around the Web

This issue is being hotly contested around the web these days. If you would like to have a look at some more detailed articles, here is some more reading:

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I also use the FF SearchStatus addon and wondered what in the world was going on. Your was first thing I found that explained it.

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