A Career in Technical Training: Is It For You?

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Not everyone is cut out to be a great technical trainer.  In fact, the industry is littered with sub-par technical trainers who do little more than recite text from a book.  The industry needs great trainers, but is it a career that is right for you? There are two characteristics that make someone a great technical trainer:  Most trainers have … Read More

Convert External CSS to On-Page (Inline) CSS for Emails

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If you are looking to convert your CSS to on-page (or “Inline”) CSS for use in email campaigns, I will tell you how I did it. The Problem: Effective HTML in Emails Most websites now-a-days use CSS to style their web pages and, in doing so, they typically call an external style.css file. Ideally, you could then structure all of … Read More

PHP: Capture Referring URL And Truncate It To Domain Name

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This is a quick technical post on how to use PHP to capture a referring URL and truncate it to a domain name. In other words, we want to determine the exact domain name from which our visitors arrived. The reasons for doing this are numerous. Many use this referring information for statistical analysis while others use it to perform … Read More

Google Panda Update and Article Marketing

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With every iteration of the Google Panda update, we see big changes in the SERPs and one of the groups of sites that has been particularly affected is article marketing sites. In this article, we’ll investigate whether article marketing sites have been adversely affected by the Google Panda update and, if so, we investigate the question: Does article marketing still work to promote your website?