Show Code In WordPress: The Syntax Highlighter Plugin

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If you want to show code in WordPress, it is now very easy with a plugin called SyntaxHighlighter.

In my Quick Solutions section, it is often necessary for me to show code that I have used, usually in PHP. This was always a hassle as I had to incorporate the text area element so that the code would actually show up as code and not be run or rewritten in a WordPress WYSIWIG format.

All that is gone now with this awesome plugin called SyntaxHighlighter. See it in action on the bottom of a page that I just created called Apostrophe, Input Form, PHP, MySQL: The Easy Solution! It makes adding code to WordPress a snap.

SyntaxHighlighter is one of the best plugins I have seen in a while.

I would like to give a big shout out to Alex, the developer of this software. Adding code to WordPress has always been a small nightmare and this plugin takes care of everything. It’s a gem my friend. Thanks a bundle, Richard.

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