SEO Smackdown Video: Your Fellow Professionals Discuss Their Trade

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A few months ago, I watched this SEO Smackdown Video which I thought those of you involved in SEO may enjoy. The panel of four discuss the SEO issues of the day including some suggesting that you need practically ZERO SEO.

Each of these four have one thing in common: They all run successful websites. Enjoy:

My Review of This SEO Smackdown

A quick review:

This is a well-educated panel and I think what we learn is that there is no “either/or”.

A great website needs both engaging content and solid SEO. Only previously established brands can succeed with little to no SEO.

There was one comment that I disagreed with entirely and it came at the beginning.

In response to the question, “Do you ignore SEO completely or are there some basic SEO techniques that you incorporate in your blogging?”, Dawn somewhat facetiously remarks, “Ignore SEO completely” and goes on to say, “until you have really great content on your blog, all the SEO in the world does not matter.”

I disagree with this statement entirely. It is precisely in the beginning, before you have established your brand, that you want to have outstanding SEO.

All in all though, a highly educated panel with good information for all!


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