How To Find HTML Color Codes

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In this post, I will tell you how to quickly find the HTML color code of an image or any part of your web page.

Whenever I find an easy tool that solves a big problem, I like to tell everyone about it. I am interrupting my workday here to tell you about just such a tool.

I was just looking for a quick way to identify the HTML color code of a particular color that I needed to implement for a webpage and I found a great tool that solves this problem quickly.

Quickly Finding An HTML Color Code

Don’t you just love it when a quaint little program meets your exact need and makes your work go so much quicker? Well, I just found one and I have fallen for it quickly. It’s a tool that I will likely use everyday.

It is a tool that quickly identifies HTML color codes and it is called the Instant Eyedropper. I want to give a big shout to the people who created this because it does exactly what it says and does not install a bunch of nonsense when loaded (as far as I have seen).

You can visit their website and quickly download and install this package to identify HTML color codes. Once installed, the program sits in the system tray and you simply need to drag it over the color that you want identified. Easy!

I use Windows 7 with dual monitors and only experienced one little problem. I had to put the window from which I wanted to identify the HTML color in the primary window, but no big deal.

It’s a great little tool to identify HTML colors and I fully recommend it.

And, once again, thanks to the creators for providing this free tool which saved me a lot of time.

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