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  1. Dear Richard

    I hope you have the time to answer my two questions. I am launching my new website decenthomebusiness.com and the website is going to help any one who is thinking of starting ahome business. what do you think of the name? do you like it or not? Now, I am searching for adsens alternative than Google. which one do you recommend with Chitika? The second question is how can I put articles in my website?



  2. Hani,

    I like the second part of the name but the word “decent” is not too compelling. If someone said to you, “How did you like the meal?”, and your response was “it’s decent”, would you want to eat it?

    As to the second question, “how can I put articles in my website?”, you need to set up a website for that.

    If you’re interested, that is part of my consulting business. I can get your website setup and perfectly SEO’d in one day. Please use the contact form if you are interested.


  3. Chitika Premium is one of the biggest frauds when we compare it with other pay-per-click programs. The ads don’t display for all visitors and even AdBrite performs better than it. A lot of sites receive plenty of international visitors but the visits don’t count as page views because the ads don’t display. AdBrite displays better ads and generates a lot of page views, so as a publisher you will earn some money even if the ads have not been clicked.

  4. The problem with Chitika is they only accept clicks from N. America and as many of our visitors are from Asia (China has HALF A BILLION internet users), we can’t use Chitika as it would be worthless.

    When will American-centric companies like Chitika get a clue and join the rest of the world? The whole world doesn’t revolve around America.

  5. hey there, i just got banned from adsense without any reasons at all. can you tell me how much do you earn with chitika? im really interested in there programs.

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