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Without question, Firefox is the best Internet Web Browser and has only one slight drawback:  The View Source Application.  This article talks about how to change the View Source Application in Firefox.

I have made a great living promoting, implementing, and training people on Microsoft products.  Thus, I always had to be familiar with the intricacies and nuances of every Microsoft Product related to networking including Microsoft Internet Explorer.

However, after many unpleasant experiences with Microsoft Internet Explorer, I finally had to make the change to Firefox.  And I absolutely recommend this to everyone.

Firefox only has one drawback that I have found:  The View Source Application.

For those of you who have visited my blog before, you know that my favorite text editor is UltraEdit.  It does everything that I could want and more.  Thus, in Firefox, when I say View | Page Source, I want UltraEdit to load and not the default editor that comes with Firefox.

This is an easy change to make.

To modify the View | Page Source Application used by Firefox to UltraEdit or your favorite text editor, perform the following steps.

1. Open a New Browser Window

2. In the address bar, type about:config

3.  Find the entry labeled view_source.editor.external.   Double click on this entry to toggle it to a true value.

4.  Find the entry labeled view_source.editor.path.  Double click on this entry and enter the new source path value for the application that you would like to use.  In my case, this is:  C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\Uedit32.exe  (to locate this, simply view the properties of the application and copy the Target entry without the quotes)

And, Voila!  That’s it.

After you close out your browser and re-open it, UltraEdit, or your chosen text editor, will be the default View | Page Source Editor within Firefox!

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