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Hello, and welcome to the AWS Signature Parameter Convert page. Prior to using this utility, you will want to read the post entitled The Request Must Contain The Parameter Signature: Amazon Web Services Error and Quick Solution to ensure that this utility is for you.

This utility converts old AWS REST requests to new ones that meet the AWS Signature Parameter requirement. To use this utility, you will enter just two pieces of information: Your Amazon Secret Key and Your Old URL that currently returns the AWS Signature error.

This utility will then convert your old URL into a new, workable URL. I don't provide support for this utility or provide guarantees of any kind. I will tell you that it saved me a lot of time and I hope it does the same for you!

Two Quick Caveats: (1) If you use the keyword utility, and have spaces in the keyword, you must replace all spaces with a %20 before you do the conversion. And (2), this utility does not work if you have the "timestamp" parameter already in the request (which most do not).

AWS Signature Parameter Convert Utility

Amazon Secret Key:
Old URL:

After you hit Submit Query, you will be presented with the new, functional Signature Parameter URL.

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