Google Panda Webspam and Exact Match Domain Searches

There are a couple of new updates to the Google algorithm that have just been released, one a Panda update and the other labeled the “Webspam” update, and these latest algorithmic changes are affecting several sites that use exact match domain searches…among other things.

Richard CummingsGoogle Panda Webspam and Exact Match Domain Searches

Google Panda Update and Article Marketing

With every iteration of the Google Panda update, we see big changes in the SERPs and one of the groups of sites that has been particularly affected is article marketing sites. In this article, we’ll investigate whether article marketing sites have been adversely affected by the Google Panda update and, if so, we investigate the question: Does article marketing still work to promote your website?

Richard CummingsGoogle Panda Update and Article Marketing

Google Mayday Update: Fair and Balanced?

Near the end of May, Google released an update to their search algorithm-dubbed “Mayday” by most-that affects natural search engine rankings, especially for what are known as “long-tail keywords“. In looking at this Mayday update, we will ask the question: Are these Google updates “fair and balanced“?

Richard CummingsGoogle Mayday Update: Fair and Balanced?

SEO: Keyword Competitive Analysis

If you want to create a web page that will generate traffic, you need to do so using popular keyword search terms. However, the more “popular” that a keyword is, the more keyword competition you are going to have. In this article, we will take a look at how you can analyze the competition for a keyword and whether it is worth the effort to try to place for that keyword.

Richard CummingsSEO: Keyword Competitive Analysis

Ranking Your Name in Google

In this article, I will illustrate how to rank your name in Google so that your name shows up on the first page of the Google rankings. Ideally, over time, you can rank number one for a Google search on yourname but if you happen to have a name such as George Clooney, the top 10 may be your best hope.

Richard CummingsRanking Your Name in Google

SEO: Creative Keyword Strategies

If you have done your proper SEO keyword research, you will have selected keywords to use with some frequency in your articles. But did you choose the right keywords? And, importantly, how will you use these selected keywords as anchor text? In this article, we will look at creative keyword choices and how you can use these keywords as anchor …

Richard CummingsSEO: Creative Keyword Strategies