SEO: Error Traffic Control

If you want to build immediate traffic to your website, there is one sure fire way to accomplish this, but it’s filled with errors.

SEO: Creative Keyword Strategies

If you have done your proper SEO keyword research, you will have selected keywords to use with some frequency in your articles. But did you choose the right keywords? And, importantly, how will you use these selected keywords as anchor text? In this article, we will look at creative keyword choices and how you can use these keywords as anchor … Read More

SEO: The Seven Deadly Sins

SEO seems relatively easy at first, but danger lurks around every corner. One false step–one SEO mistake–and all of your SEO work vanishes into a de-indexing or the dreaded Google sandbox. Early Christians defined the Seven Deadly Sins that one should not commit lest they burn in the fiery pits of hell. In this article, we’ll explore the Seven Deadly Sins of Search Engine Optimization.

Create Custom Ads for WordPress and Websites

Often, Google Adsense and other advertising programs do not suit your needs. Thus, you need to create your own Google-like ads. In this article, I’ll explain how to create your own custom revolving ads for WordPress or your website using a relatively simple PHP script.

Search Replace within MySQL

This article reviews a quick way to do a search and replace in MySQL using phpMyAdmin. This solution can be used to do a quick search and replace of any condition within your MySQL database fields.