Show HTML Code On Web Page

When you write about technology, you often have to show HTML code on a Web Page such that the code does not get executed. But, more importantly for those involved in SEO, you may need to show HTML code on a Web Page to enhance the way that you do your job. In this article, we will quickly explore the easiest way to show HTML code on Web Pages…and not have the code execute.

Replace Comma with Line Break

Early this week, I had a simple technical problem that required me to replace all commas in a list with line breaks. This should be a simple one that will take no more than 5 minutes. I typed into Google “replace comma with line break” intent on a quick solution but no instant fix awaited. Thus, I am writing about it in the hopes that whoever has to replace a comma with a line break will not have to scurry around looking for a solution.

AdSense New Interest-Based Advertising: The End of Mesothelioma?

For a decade now, those intent on making high dollars with AdSense have sought to monopolize high paying keywords such as Mesothelioma. With the advent of AdSense’s new Interest-Based Advertising, it is reasonable to ask the question: Are high paying keywords a thing of the past? Is this, finally, the end of Mesothelioma?